embrace consciousness

When you take a clear-eyed look at conventional negotiation and drafting practices, what do you see? Attempts to predict and control all the possible problems and then cover all the resulting risks. One-sided, at the expense of the other. In a language incomprehensible to non-lawyers. But realistically, how’s that working for you? How good are you at predicting and controlling the future? And what is the cost to the relationship of taking this posture of ‘future enemies’ at the outset?

our approach

Contracts can be a tool for stakeholders to work together. A conscious design of their ideal and intended relationship and set in place their own values-oriented structures and systems for coping with change, addressing conflicts and managing crises, instead of arming for war. In plain language that everyone can understand, not only for judges or lawyers to interpret. Living, dynamic working documents that focus on mutual intentions and sustainable relationships.

We are more than happy to help you writing your own conscious agreements, and:

  • incorporate your own beliefs and culture;
  • ensure the translation of your vision, goals and values;
  • choose your own favorite elements;
  • strip the unnecessary noise.
We believe that law
should be a tool to empower you!

Conscious agreements are interrupting the habits and logic of the conventional mindset. It’s a navigation tool to create a healthy, sustainable, resilient business and to optimize the value creation for all your major stakeholders. Recognizing the reality of complex business environments, rapid change, and need for conscious communication on the fly.

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Marco Bosch
Marco Bosch
Though I am a legal professional, I sometimes call myself a solution trader. Why? Because there is a lot more to legal issues than meets the eye. Dig deep, and you’ll find them.